Catch Some Fish In Miami This Summer

With summer fast approaching, many people in the United States are searching for a place to visit this summer. One of the nicest cities in the world to visit is Miami. Miami, while known mostly by out of towners, primarily for it’s calling card of Miami Beach, has much more than beautiful beaches to offer.

Here are just a couple sporting attractions, if visiting Miami this summer.

Catch a Marlin. No not the fish

How about taking the family out to the recently built Marlins Park to catch a Miami Marlins game? The ballpark opened it’s doors in 2012 and is home to the Marlins who signed their big time superstar player Giancarlo Stanton to a massive $300 million dollar contract over the offseason. The ballpark is one of the more state of the art places to watch a professional baseball game and features a retractable roof to guarantee no delay in the action due to weather.

On the topic of fish, how about Dolphin?

This summer the professional football team Miami Dolphins will be playing at Sun Life Stadium. Like Marlins Park, the newly renovated Sun Life Stadium will give game audiences a more pleasant experience to watch a game. The Dolphins season will begin in September and with several offseason acquisitions, none bigger than defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the Dolphins are expected to make some noise this upcoming season.


Trip Down To Tempe, Az

Are you looking for a place to bask in the sun? Tempe, located not far from Phoenix, Az is one of those hidden gems that offers a lot of great locations.

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Of course, Tempe is home to Arizona State University Sun Devils. The University is right smack dab in the middle of the town. Because the University is not far from the heart of the town, there is a lot of great places to eat nearby. We actually stopped in and visited the university as it was named one of the nation’s best universities by “The Best 379 Colleges” magazine.


If you happen to be in town during the spring (as we were) you can catch a little Spring Training action at Diablo Stadium. Also the home of the Tempe Angels. Diablo stadium holds a capacity of 9,558 fans and highly recommend visiting this nice ball park. It’s located at 2200 W Alameda Dr.


The beautiful thing about Tempe is you’re only 10 minutes away from Phoenix, which is home to most of the professional sports team and downtown Phoenix is a nice place to hang out without the overcrowding of the typical downtown big city.

Be sure to have plenty of water handy.

Arizona is really hot, especially during the summer months. You won’t get a lot of humidity but you’ll definitely get a lot of triple digit temperature readings. It’s important to have plenty of water so that you don’t get dehydrated and it’s just can get unbearably hot so just keep that in mind.

While our trip to Tempe, Az was not a long lasting trip, we did enjoy our time. We stayed at one of the best hotels in Tempe called the Tempe Mission Palms   . It’s a really nice hotel and we got a good deal. Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $175 per night.

We hope you enjoyed our little write up on Tempe Arizona. It’s a beautiful city with a beautiful skyline of mountains and great weather. Make sure you check it out if you’re in the area for pleasure or business on your next trip.

Are You Visiting Fort Myers

Fort Myers, Fl. is one of our featured places to visit. Fort Myers is one of Florida’s gems. This city has it all. From a bustling night life to beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Fort Myers is also a town with great history. It was among the first forts during the American Indian Wars.

Known for it’s laid back and casual living…

Fort Myers offers a surprisingly robust nightlife. The Bottom Line night club is rated one of the number 1 gay-friendly dance clubs in the state. Celsius Night Club on Main St. will have you dancing the night away. Are you more of a tavern person? The City Tavern is a hot spot for locals to go out for a beer on just about any night of the week.

Voda Lounge is a personal favorit of Juke Share, so make sure you check it out. It caters more to the young crowd and features some of the hottest contemporary music to dance the night away. hqdefault

If hanging out and lounging out in the sun is more your style, Fort Myers has some of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast of Florida. The Causeway Islands is a great place for shopping, just make sure you get there early to beat the traffic. If you’re looking for a great place to spend the day with the family take a trip down to Lighthouse Beach Park.

Ft. Myers is definitely a great place to just take a trip around town whether you rent a limo or party bus if you’re in town with friends, it’s also a good time. Ft. Myers, Fl. is more of a laid back kind of town, but it also has plenty to do for those who want to party and have a good time. That’s why we have it listed as one of the must see places.

Quepos, Costa Rica – The Place For All

Quepos, a small town just south of the Costa Rican capital city of San Jose is a very tourist friendly town with something for everyone. The city of Quepos has a very vibrant and active bar and night life scene. Named after the native Quepo Indians, the city features well known and popular national parks and beautiful beaches.

Things you must do when in Quepos…

There are plenty of great things to do while visiting Quepos, Costa Rica. Here is a list of the must do’s:

  1. Canopy Safari
  2. Playa Matapalo
  3. White Water Rafting
  4. Fishing Charters
  5. Night life Bars

These are the top attractions of Quepos. Of course it is important to get reviews and always a good idea to ask locals about the best places to do this activities and stay safe. Like many places in Central and South America, safety is something you should not take for granted as a tourist.

When is the best time to visit Quepos?

If you are planning a trip to Quepos, you may want to consider the best time to travel from a climate and budget standpoint. High cost season for Costa Rica runs from December to April. The summer is usually a more affordable time to visit Quepos, however, the downside is that it is also the rainy season and usually rains everyday.

The weather should not really influence your excursions because most can be done rain or shine. Those who want to bask in the sun and enjoy the beaches may want to avoid traveling in the summer months because while the rain is not bad for other things, it may not be the ideal beach weather.

Get over to Quepos, Costa Rica. It is a place full of fun and it’s also very affordable. You can go with the family or with a friend, there’s something for everyone to do. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places that you’ll ever see. Just being there and admiring the beauty is worth the trip.



IMG_0531Everybody loves to travel but not everybody does it. If you want to travel more you need to be able not only to find the time but also to find the right deals. When you are planning your next vacation, think about where you want to go and what you want to do. A lot of great destinations are in the country that you live in. Maybe even in the same state. So there no need to spend a ton of money to go out and have a good time.

The most important thing is to travel with good friends or family. The people you travel with is more important than where you go. So keep that in mind on your next adventure. If you want ideas on location of where to travel for your next vacation, just checkout our “Featured Location” on this website. Make sure before you do, go over to our Travel Tips page to get the best information on traveling.

Remember that price is good to compare but do not select your vacation on price alone. There are plenty of discount travel sites online and we recommend that you visit serval before you make your booking decision.